Why you need a mobile app

Mobile apps have been delivering value to enterprises in the past half a decade or so, ever since low cost platforms like Android have made their presence felt on the global arena. Lightweight, easy to install, low on memory usage, these applications are just what users want to perform magic with their fingertips. Gone are the days when you had to type the lengthy URL of a website, bear the world wide wait factor and then access the embedded application. Something that was a chore for any user who was on a 4G connection, but now even 4G users can benefit from the tap and touch functionality offered by mobile applications.


Healthcare delivery: This business has gained most from mobile applications and some of the hottest trending apps are those that offer healthcare related information. Additionally, they offer the facility to order medicines by their generic names, check for substitutes, pre-order diagnostic tests, sample collections, homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines, track and cancel orders, obtain order summary, change delivery address or check delivery to a specific pin-code, ensure delivery to alternate addresses, upload scanned prescriptions and many other functionalities that patients now expect from healthcare related mobile applications.

Mobile Apps: Helping smarter businesses do betterERP and Collaboration: By automatic all the transactions of the enterprise right from point of sale to tracking of goods moving in and out of warehouses, financial management and reporting, attendance and payroll, all these functionalities that were earlier offered through web based authenticated access are now being offered by mobile apps through secure logins. Logins through mobile are generally more secure than web based logins as the device is unique and chances of breach are less.

News aggregation: CXO’s looking to aggregate news from all possible industry sources can accept RSS feeds into one mobile application and have a ticker that can automatically update news on their desktop about the industry as it happens in real time. To stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive environment, it is important to be abreast of all what’s happening in their industry or one might become obsolete in a year.

File management : CTO or CIOs with super admin logins can keep folder locks on important files and store passwords offline. Unnecessary files, duplication of data can be eliminated with a strong file management application that can consolidate files and avoid duplication of data.

System help, set up wizard: Employees using their enterprise application for the first time need small applications along with the main one which can give them a demo of the set up wizard and help give lower-level instructions to new employees in order to familiarize them with the company’s flagship application.

Voice search : Web based voice recording search is de rigueur in BPO’s and in other industries where there is a strong Customer Service component.

Strengthening the marketing funnel : Since mobile apps can be synced with social media platforms, they serve the purpose of achieving better conversions through the marketing funnel created by the enterprise. Social media platforms can create awareness, deliberation, inclination followed by purchase and usage and experience has shown that mobile apps have the potential to convert digitally connected consumers into repeat buyers.

Shave off Customer Service costs: With a robust mobile application by your side, you can slice customer service costs by a huge margin and respond to customers in real time while at the same time using traditional and social media to attract and acquire new customers.

They put customers in the exploration mode: This is perhaps the biggest benefit for businesses that these mobile applications enable customers to think more, talk more and contemplate more about their products in both online and offline channels. While other companies are still in the execution or exploration mode; your company can win by releasing a flagship mobile application, and making a successful transition into the next orbit of growth.

Mobile apps help you to deal with BIG data: Yes, with each click-stream of thought, search and comment being made by consumers, companies are realizing that their existing CRM applications are being swamped and deluged with big data that needs to be analyzed to win market share. Mobile applications not only help you live with big data but also master it and analyze it in complete detail. At the end of the day, technology is only an enabler; you need people adept with Social CRM tools and social CRM mindsets to win the game across geographies. Think global, act local mantra has not yet being abandoned and is more relevant today than ever before in today’s mobility driven world.

Mobile Apps: Helping smarter businesses do betterDetect and quarantine fake reviews: This is perhaps the best trump card a company can have when it comes to surviving and thriving in today’s web 2.0 world. Now wherever reviews pop up on any review site and trickle down to your mobile app; your enterprise app can highlight the fact to a user that his or her friend has posted a review too in that thread. And that will sound the death knell for fake reviewers and drive the last nail in the coffin of fake stories being planted by miffed competitors. The reason being that users will implicitly trust the review uploaded by their friend rather the ones posted by others.