Free Game Apps For Android

Fun and Free Game Apps For AndroidOwners of Android Smartphones can take advantage of the many free game apps available to download. Here are some of the best.
When browsing the Android Marketplace, it is bewildering to see the amount of free game apps on offer. Most of them have high quality graphics and music and are similar to games that would cost $20 or more on a DS or similar handheld console. I would also note that those mobile applications that are in the top, just go through the process of optimization. It includeds promotion, ASO and some developers can buy android app downloads. So, the owners of these applications and will certainly support it for a long time, because they spent some money on advertising.
Below is a list of some of the best free game apps currently available:

Angry Birds

Angry Birds was a runaway success on the iphone, with over 12 million downloads and now the game is available for free on Android. The concept of the game is very simple. It involves shooting birds out of a catapult, which the player controls by sliding their finger across the screen. The aim of the game is to knock down towers and destroy the green pigs that have been stealing the birds’ eggs.
The game is incredibly addictive, as it allows players to retry failed levels until they are completed. The simplicity of the game makes it very playable and the game will appeal to young and old alike. The graphics are cartoonesqe and quite impressive considering that the game is free, thanks to the unobtrusive adverts in the corner of the screen.

Red Stone

Red Stone is a straightforward, yet cunningly complex, block slider game. The player must slide the different shaped blocks around the screen with their finger in order to navigate the larger, red block to the exit at the top of the screen. The levels get more fiendish as the player progresses through the game.
Fans of the block slide princess puzzle featured in the Professor Layton Games will enjoy playing Red Stone, which is very similar in style and gameplay.

Bonsai Blast

This “marble shooter” game is very similar in style to Zuma on the PC. It involves shooting coloured marbles at a growing chain of balls in order to create colour groups of three or more, which then vanish. The aim of the game is to prevent the chain from reaching the hole at the end of the track. Once the marbles enter the hole, they are lost and the game is over.
Bonsai Blast has top quality music and graphics and a good variety of gameplay styles which add a twist to the traditional Zuma gameplay. Players can slide the marbles down chutes or bounce them off walls, as well as utilising special cards, which represent the elements and have a dramatic effect on the game, such as causing the chain to reverse or all balls of a certain colour to disappear.
This is just a small selection of the many free game apps available for Android. One word of warning though: Playing these games can take up many hours of valuable time as they are seriously addictive.