Great free apps for windows

Top 10 must have free apps for windows When the PC is unboxed, the screen welcomes you to a blank and open interface, which needs to be furnished. This does not mean you stuff up the PC memory with all the apps and software’s available in the market. There are few apps to improve the functionalities of PC while others serve to manage your cumbersome tasks. Here we present the most essential apps for windows which are must downloads to bring in efficiency and utility to the operating system.

1) Microsoft security essentials :

Guard your PC against viruses, spyware and other threatening software’s which may harm your device affecting its functionalities. Microsoft security essentials have created a benchmark for itself as essential anti-virus software for home based PC’s and for small businesses as well. This powerful pack comes free with easy to install setup and frequent updates to ensure that PC is working efficiently without any threats.

2) Google chrome:

Get speed and enjoy the fastest browsing experience with Google chrome which runs the complex web applications with ease and swift. Watch movies, play games, download songs, shop online, transact with bank, video chat with friends in a jiffy with the fastest browser application. Simplicity and security are the most advantageous features of the software which would ensure intuitive interface to work and protection from malwares as well.

3) Wunderlist:

The most efficient task management tool organizes your daily tasks in a simple and elegant format and boost up your activities with constant reminders and notifications. Light to understand and follow, effortlessly create to-do list and update the same with clean and hassle free techniques. Make your list interesting by sharing it with friends on any social networking site or any digital device for that matter.

4) Libreoffice:

Whether you want to create the interesting school projects on Microsoft word at home or maintain the business finances with excel sheet, it’s the office suite software that makes PC completely beneficial, and one such efficient office productivity software for windows is libreoffice. Comes packed with 6 impressive features which includes writer(a word processor), impress( multimedia presentations),draw(sketching tools),math(equations) and base(sealess integration).

5) Picasa:

The most advanced photo management app that serve as an incredible album to organize your photos, edit and share your memories on social sites. Transform the image with impressive photo-editing tools and filters to your imagination and tag your friends to enjoy your creation. The side by side editing lets you instantly view the effects added and lets you make necessary corrections to bring out the best.

6) Skype:

Another app which you cannot do away with, if you are one of the social networking freaks is Skype. Designed to bring your loved ones closer, it’s the speed and connectivity which would drive you crazy for it. The coolest networking app lets you video chat/call with friends any corner of the world with ease and clarity. Share the joy of new born or the sweet memories of your marital bliss with closed ones so that they are of your every happy moment.

7) VLC:

A powerful multimedia player is an open source platform which plays any kind of multimedia files and videos with much ease and simplicity. The app is universal and works on all the major platforms like linux,unix, Mac, android and iOS devices. Fast streaming and media conversion are the basic utilities of the app which supports video playing without costing a penny.

8) Notepad++:

The free text editor and source code editor for windows, Notepad++ has multiple files advantage over its prototype. You can extend the functionalities of the software with plug-in’s which allows working with multiple clip boards and FTP browser. The user can manually choose the supporting programming languages and replace the current default language.

9) Zune:

Zune form Microsoft takes the place of the traditional media player for its beautiful and stylish interface. Collect, organize and stream millions of songs, buy movies and TV shows from the Zune marketplace which is fast to access and easy to download. Zune music + contains links to all the digital files of music, videos, podcasts and media files on your PC that Zune music + can play. Now browsing and managing your music collection is just at your finger tips.


The creative team of Microsoft developed an innovative and impressive image editor for windows which adds beauty and elegance to your memorable photos. It enhances the image editing experience with the most powerful and amazing tools, layers and special photo effects otherwise provided by the adobe Photoshop and Corel draw. The simple to use and effective tools add up to its wide popularity.
Thousands of apps are released everyday for windows to maximize the PC experience, the above mentioned are the basic apps to serve your daily needs from PC.